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So, you've heard that Michael Ammar was the first guest in our "At the Table" Live Lecture Series. We already know your next question: what did Michael Ammar do?

The answer is...A LOT.

In this two hour live event, you saw lots of tricks, Michael will took your questions, and even dove into things you have NOT seen him do at conventions or lectures. Like:

Broken and Restored Screen: This is Michael's newest "go-to" impromptu effect. Borrow someone's phone and crack the glass on the screen. SHOW THEM graphic detail how the broken screen looks and feels...then magically restore the phone and hand it back to them. Michael discussed how he developed this effect, how a packing bubble can enhance the illusion, and how you can make the simple gimmick needed to perform.

Rubber Band Jam: Michael Ammar does Crazy Man's Handcuffs--a rubber band penetration--better than anyone alive. It's likely you do this effect as well. But we went over several fine points that he had never tipped before, and how Richard Ross influenced his presentation in ways you haven't realized. We talked about Ammar's concept of the "delayed revelation" that can be applied to countless effects you already do.

Pencil Through Coin: NO! This is NOT the version you think you know. Michael Ammar consulted on a television special where this effect was used, and the method is FANTASTIC and NEW--new as in "brand new," never before lectured on. Mr. Ammar used his "At the Table" performance to debut this effect and its unusual handling to the magic community.

Hardcore Card Jam: Michael Ammar has chops--great chops, and he has had great teachers. We rarely get to see Michael's chops up close because he often performs for groups of 50, 100, or 1000 people at a time. Well, At The Table we got to see him up close and personal, with camera work that got within inches of his hands. He gave us a masterclass on the Side Steal, some palms, and more. He discussed his theory of "Technical Alchemy," the idea that the best ideas are often stripped down to the irreducible minimum, so that the only actions, words, and movements included in an effect play a positive role.

Other Lecture Highlights:

  • About The Letterman show
  • Letterman entrance
  • Silk Thru coffee mug (mic stand) Performance
  • Silk Thru coffee mug (mic stand) Explanation
  • Cell phone thru balloon (Performance only)
  • Cell phone vanish (topit) Performance
  • Cell phone vanish Explanation and topit analysis
  • Coin Vanish (Bob Farmer's Little Creature) Performance
  • Coin Vanish (Bob Farmer's Little Creature) Explanation

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