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"Kuffs always surprises me with impossible new magic, hilarious presentations and overall human kindness. One my favorite magicians to watch!"
- Bro Gilbert

Patrik Kuffs
has a unique vision and approach to magic and mentalism with nearly 30 years of experience. In this lecture you'll have the opportunity to explore his wildly creative mind. Kuff's strength lies in the simplicity and directness of his effects as well as his fun, charming and humorous personality. Covering close-up to stand-up magic, you're sure to be inspired with material you will love to perform. For those of you who've seen him on Penn & Teller: Fool Us, you can be sure he'll once again hit the mark right here At The Table. This is what he'll be teaching:

Step by Step Brainwave: A card is freely selected using a spectator's foot and it ends up being the only card with a different back design.

Bold Business: An incredible peek that uses no gimmicks. It's very easy to do and the peek is practically invisible.

EZ Malini: A sure fire Card Stab routine with 4 signed selections, where the last selected card is stabbed and found by the spectator.

Peek for Dummies: The boldest peek you will ever see!

Coin Bet: An interactive and playful routine with a kicker ending.

Funny Forced Thought: A variation of Forced Thought by Gary Kurtz.

A Card is Born: Inspired by Chris Mahew's "CAANDY," a spectator uses intuition to freely make several choices that end up creating a card that was predicted from the very beginning. The spectator is never wrong.

Invisible Kard: A fun routine with invisible cards where imagination becomes reality, even in the spectator's hand.

Librarian Peek: A sneaky utility peek device that will make you smile.

Impaled Premonition: An amazingly funny routine where you predict a body part chosen by the spectator.

"Kuffs is a genius, his tossed-out cube went right into my act after his lecture and never left."
- Jon Armstrong

"Patrik is really one of a kind!"
- Richard Osterlind

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