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My eBook, OSMOSIS, was #1 on the "Hot List" for quite a while and prompted this second best-selling eBook!

OSMOSIS II is an even greater eclectic collection of many routines, ideas, illusions, and fun! This eBook is loaded! Plus, many pix and five videos are included to best understand every nuance!

Look at what is included... plus many more routines below!

1) Marlo's Poker Deal
- Mike Skinner has his own rendition of this amazing Poker Deal that even fooled Larry Jennings! The spectator shuffles the deck and then deals out a 5-handed game of poker... the spectator has dealt himself the four Aces!

2) Comedy Card 'Mis-call' - The magician has apparently found the wrong card... until he shows it again! This hilarious routine uses a clever "play on words" that will have the spectators laughing hard!

3) Adduced Ace Cutting - A full showcase routine, based on a Stewart James effect with excellent spectator interaction!

4) Comedy "Control" - Learn a very little-known patter secret that will catapult you into the "Professional" status!

5) Professional Misdirection II - So if you were excited by the P.M. in the first OSMOSIS... wait until you learn this amazing, little-known, underground secret about misdirection that will elevate your "game" to the next level! DO NOT TELL ANYONE ABOUT THIS!

6) Jumbo Coin Production
- Add this sub-routine to a coin routine you now have! Make a coin vanish, re-appear, pass through your pants... and then VISIBLY 'morph' into a Jumbo coin! There are two videos that come with this routine!

7) Some Optical Illusions for you to enjoy! - It's FUN TIME!

8) Hand Stuff!
- This is an article from Bill Spooner's JOURNAL of MAGIC RESEARCH that explores different salves, powders, and lotions to remedy those "dry hands" when performing!

9) A Collection of Tricks and Ideas! - Here are SEVEN more routines, tricks, improvements, and great ideas to make your magic even more entertaining!

- Wait until you see the "Boomerang" Illusion or Jastrow Illusion! Trust me... when you see the "change" I made in this illusion... you'll go nuts! You're going to LOVE THIS!
- Want to learn all about the Faro Shuffle and how to make it easy to perform? It's all right here!
- An amazing Copper-Silver Transposition
- Want to learn a really cool opening for the Color Changing Knives? Now you have the perfect opener!
- A great Torn & Restored Napkin
- Paul Curry's Swindle Switch - The spectator shuffles the deck and yet it remains in perfect order!
- CLIPPO! - The perfect kiddie-show effect!

10) A Tale of the JACKS! - Learn the rich history of the Knaves or Jacks! Paul provides the very origins of the Jacks and their very colorful "ascension through time." Learn this history to enrich your patter and please your spectators! This is really important stuff!

11) PASSES! - Included are three videos of Paul teaching The Classic Pass, The Jiggle Pass, and The Midnight Shift! Learn these three excellent Passes to take that "quantum leap" in your card magic! Raise those eyebrows!

Download the eBook and video and start learning!
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