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Flown out to America from Britain just for this lecture, Myles Thornton is a breakthrough rising star in magic. You may know Myles from his release, Circulus, which was an instant Best-seller. Myles uses sleight of hand to create stunning visual magic with rings, coins, Sharpies, lighters, wine glasses, and balls... crystal balls. This lecture guarantees to have something for everybody; from the newest of magic hobbyists to the top working pros. Don't miss your chance to discover the secrets of Myles Thornton, right here At The Table!

Here's what you'll learn:

Strong, direct and powerful Ring Magic of Myles Thornton you can carry with you everywhere on your finger!

Impossible Ring Appearance: A ring is vanished, only to appear in a truly impossible location. Sandwiched between your hand and the spectator's hand.

Back in time: A visual demonstration of time travel. Watch as the ring fades away from the fingertips and travels back in time onto the ring finger. A fantastic closer for your ring routine.

Anti-gravity ring: With the snap of your fingers, an un-gimmicked ring flies from one hand to the other.

Stuck: A jaw-droppingly visual routine where the magic happens to the magician and forces him to give up.

Impromptu Assassin: Inspired by legendary Magician Rune Klan. This is Myles' go-to routine that is jam-packed with tons of visual moments. A great lesson in sleight of hand and misdirection.

Gypsy Vanish: A vanish that was taught to Myles whilst he was street performing by a young gypsy kid.

Ring flurry In A Hurry: A snappy, quick, visual sequence inspired by the coin magic of Eric Jones.

Bonus: Learn how to roll a ring down your arm and catch it in your hand. A flourish that will make you look like a sleight of hand expert!

Full Circle: Myles Thornton's worker coin routine. This is the perfect coin piece for the worker! It resets itself, only uses one pocket, is packed full of visual magic, has built in comedy and eliminates the need to carry a big clunky jumbo coin.

Fun with the magician's trusty companion... a Sharpie.

Color Changing Sharpie: A shocking color change of a Sharpie that catches the spectator off guard and demands their attention. The perfect moment of magic in-between routines.

Sharpfly: A Sharpie flies vertically between the hands. Like a muscle pass, but no muscles required!

Coin Flight: A borrowed coin is signed and vanished. Show your hands empty and reach into your back pocket to reveal the coin is now clipped to the Sharpie cap.

Pretty Simple Pen Production: A simple way to make a Sharpie appear at any time. How convenient!

Pen Vanish: A classic vanish with a new clean up. Show both hands completely empty without sleeving.

IF (Impromptu Float): One of Myles's proudest creations! Imagine if it was possible to borrow an empty or full wine glass and make it float out of the spectator's hand. No gimmicks, no thread, no magnets. Stop Imagining, it's possible! A real reputation maker!


Contact Juggling for Magicians: Learn how Myles uses the art of contact juggling to attract an audience. No more awkward introductions!

Warm Up: A vanishing lighter effect that is funny and visual. This can be built on the fly using objects every magician has.

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