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MAGIC VARIETY PACK 2 (Curtain Call Encore!)

This is a sequel to the e-book, MAGIC VARIETY PACK!

"Magic Variety Pack 2 follows MV Pack 1, its predecessor, with no need for Paul Lelekis to abdicate his throne as a professional walk-around magician. Another royal addition to your magic collection!"

"Being one of the most prolific creators in magic, he is truly the go-to guy for research and assurance in a variety of magic topics."
- Enrico Varella - magician, Corporate Trainer, and champion IronMan Triathlon competitor

The INTRODUCTION, alone, is worth the price! 8 pages of valuable magic and performance advice!

Magic Variety Pack 2 provides a large variety of top-flight ESP, card, goldfish, water bottle, and balloon magic!



8 full pages explain the use of shuffles, cuts, and many different types of misdirection, and how one can implement them to passively CONTROL your spectators! Very important material! Also there are many sleights and ploys discussed.

Learn techniques that Paul has accumulated, having performed thousands and thousands of times...why learn these techniques the hard way - or even, not at all?

IMAGINE - Paul's rendition of a powerhouse ESP routine that is totally impossible! There are FIVE major revelations that "crescendo" into a mind-blowing conclusion! You are going to LOVE this amazing effect! Wait until you see how clever this is! COMPLETE PATTER provided! A real winner! Paul has been performing this for close to 25 years!

PSYCHIC COLLAPSE - Take any plastic water bottle, lay it on a table, and with the power of your mind...crush the bottle!

GOLDFISH CREATION - Borrow a dollar bill, roll it up, add some flash cotton and sparkle dust, light it up and - POOF! - pour out a live goldfish! BUT WAIT...you then chew up the goldfish...and then, make it come back to life! SO COOL!

INTERFACE - Warp the Space/Time Continuum, by making an unknown card, placed on the table at the very beginning, change into a signed selection! This is probably the cleanest and most mind-boggling effect, of this genre, possible. Wait until you see how it's done!

MARLO'S DIMINISHING LIFT SEQUENCE - Learn the real, step-by-step technique, for performing this valuable sleight and some excellent ideas for effects to perform with it!

THE CHOSEN ONES - The deck is cut by the spectator into 4 piles. The spectator places the Aces on any pile - then another pile is chosen - that's right - the Aces fly, magically, to THAT chosen pile...no force, no duplicates - just pure magic.

BALLOON SWORD SWALLOWING - Blow up a standard 2" x 60" (260Q) balloon and then proceed to "sword swallow" the entire balloon! Open your mouth to show your mouth is completely empty! This one is GREAT for kiddie birthday parties or street magic. Completely safe and hilarious!

Download the eBook and start learning!
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